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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friend Lvl 400 NS (expert only)

3B0008C25B5E0689 (like usually)
Recruit Friend >> Friends(wait 4 loading all friend picture!!)
level 2 above u can use it (dont do to lvl 1 it useless!!)
select 1 friend then OK!!(only "OK" not "YES")
open disassemble then make a break point
then click "YES"(until u get stuck)
after stuck, edit 1st EAX to 190 in hex (its make ur friend lvl to 400)
then do run six time(to find out fire element power)
then edit the EAX to 999999(make ur friend do more damage)
to finish it, just open break point then run once again
then Ta Da!!
ur friend level 400 now!!