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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chunin Exam (Ujian Chunin)

1) During a battle, which of the following actions enables you to gain chakra? (Charge)
2) Which element type measures your quickness in battle? (Wind)
3) Which of the following consumable items can recover your health in battle? (Healing scroll)
4) Which of the following techniques specializes in illusions and transformations? (Genjutsu)
5) What is your current ninja rank? (Genin)
6) What is the name of the Kage of Village of Fire? (Yudai)
7) What was the first weapon that Shin gave you? (Kunai)
8) How many friends can you recruit to join your party for missions? (2)
9) Where can you challenge your friends in real-time? (Arena)
10) What is the maximum number of consumable items can be used in real-time pvp battle? (5)