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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Asia is the largest continent which is well illustrated from its geographical limits. It stretches over 5,000 miles from the north of Arctic Circle to the South of equator. Due to its large size, Asia is characterized by diverse weather conditions prevailing over different parts of the continent. Different countries situated within Asia experiences different weather conditions based on their geographical locations. Asia has countries experiencing extremes. Some places are the hottest while the others are coldest. Again some of the places are driest compared to other places which happen to be the wettest.

Central Asia

Places located in the interior of the continent are subjected to severe weather conditions. This is due to the fact that Central Asia is far from the water bodies and is surrounded by huge mountain peaks. This prevents the rain borne winds from reaching the centre of the continent. Hence, places in the Central Asia suffer from lengthy and chilled winters and extremely hot and short summers. Rainfall is minimal, except for the hilly areas.

Southern Asia

Places in the south of Asia are subjected to very peculiar weather conditions. Places here experience extremely hot weather all round the year. There are two distinct seasons of Weather Asia in this part of the continent-rainy season and dry season. The south western regions are very dry.

Northern Asia

Weather Asia in the northern part of the continent is characterized by severe winter conditions when the temperature tends to fall much below the freezing point. This part of Asia receives considerable amount of rainfall.

Weather Asia, with all its variations has significant impact upon the lifestyle of people living in different parts of Asia.