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Thursday, February 26, 2009


2/25/2009 5:41:00 PM

'It's a Uefa Cup match, but we consider it a Champions League': that's what Carlo Ancelotti said about tomorrow's match against Werder Bremen, in which courage and personality will be needed.

(on the photo, the Rossoneri's celebrations after Inzaghi's goal in Werder Bremen-Milan of last Wednesday)

MILANELLO - Here are the main declarations of coach Carlo Ancelotti, who talked during a press conference ahead of the second leg of the sixteenth finals of the Uefa Cup against Werder Bremen (San Siro, tomorrow 26 February 20.45).

ON THE FORMATION - 'Tomorrow there will not be a preordained turnover, we will try to use the best players available. The goalscorers emergency continues but we will evaluate the situation better after today's training. The doubts are mainly for Kaká and Ronaldinho, while as far as Pato and Shevchenko are concerned there are good possibilities. Also in defence we will try to use the most correct pairing, to counter the difficulties they will create in aerial play. Flamini is in a good moment, now he's playing with continuity and he's improved a lot. He can be used, also tomorrow. Beckham can play independently of whether or not Mathieu will play. As for Inzaghi, he has the objective of maintaining the title of European top scorer. He feels these games very strongly, and when that's the case, he rarely makes mistakes.'

ON KAKÁ - 'I don't think he can play against Werder, but on Sunday he will. Ricky had to stay out for 15 days for a distorsion; now we are in the 18th day, it makes no difference for me; we are we are in line with the recovery that had been programmed.'

ON THE MATCH - 'Werder are a team with excellent offensive qualities and they are used to these types of games. We know that the biggest problem in this match for us will be their physical power and their quality especially in attack. Werder play the same way both at home and away. We will find some difficulties on dead balls, and on aerial play: there will be some dangerous situations of this kind. We know it is a delicate match in a very important part of the season. We want to play an excellent match and we won't make any calculations even though on paper the first leg result gives us an advantage. We will play to win. Our primary objective at the moment is finishing in the top three in the league and we have not lost hope to reach the top of the table. Of course there's also the desire to play another final. Let's hope that getting past Werder Bremen can clear the road towards the final for us. We were talking about it yesterday with captain Maldini: it would be nice if he could lift another Cup. And we also have to get through for Nesta: we want to go forward and give also him the possibility of playing in the Uefa Cup. In any case, to go through we have to play well, control the match. We have to play in a courageous way, with personality and without fear. In these matches in Europe you don't make calculations, it's much more important to have courage and to want to impose yourself. From this point of view it will be a more open match than the one between Inter and Manchester, also because this one decisive, and that one was just the first half."

ON MILAN'S MOMENT - 'We had difficulties due to some points lost along the road and the recovery of the injured players. What we have done so far is all due to us. The pressure that surrounds us doesn't scare me, on the contrary, the more there is, the more possibilities we have of controlling it and drawing energy from it."

ON THE WHISTLES AT SAN SIRO - "They don't weigh on me, I accept them as criticisms. But I think that tomorrow these whistles will transform into applause for the team. Seedorf has the affection of the crowd, the fans have good memory and they know what Clarence has always given to this team. I think tomorrow we will find a different ambience; if it isn't, then we will have to change that. The Milan fans have always given their support in this type of match. It's not a Champions League match, but it's as if it were. We consider it a Champions League match because of the teams on the pitch and their experience."